4 Best Online Cool Math Games For Kids And Parents

Children just want to be in their own world without parents’ interruption.

The thing is – research shows that playing video games with kids will bring loads of fun.

Here’s an incredible set of 4 online cool math games with themes and topics ensuring both you and your kids will enjoy. Don’t be so shy about your gaming skills, the importance here is to spend your time with the children.

1. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

You probably already know how to play cool math games Tic Tac Toe, right? Most people think this may be the simplest game. However, if you are really into the puzzle, you will realize that Tic Tac Toe is never as easy as you thought.

While playing Tic Tac Toe, it’s necessary to look ahead and quickly figure out the move that your opponent could do next.

Though I bet you all know everything, here are some rules for the game:

  • A Tic Tac Toe match is often played on a 3×3 grid; nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you cannot play on the 5×5 grid…be unique.
  • This is a two-player game in which you are X and your opponent is O.
  • In case you play with your kid, both will take turns putting Xs and Os in empty squares. The one with 3 marks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally will become the winner.
  • The game ends in a tie if no one has 3 marks in a row.

In order to gain a win in Tic Tac Toe online game against the computer, strategy is all you need. During each match, you should set a plan in mind of what you must do to score points.

2. Hangman


Who has not ever played the classic game of Hangman?

If you want to train your kids on the vocabulary, then encourage them to try this cool math game with you, parents.

Back then, Hangman is an easy-to-play game for at least two people. Players only need a piece of paper, a pencil, and the ability to spell. One person is the host who thinks of a secret word, and one other player has to guess the word by asking what letters it contains. With each wrong guess, you are close to the losing line.

Put away your pencil and paper – now you can play cool math games Hangman online at any website. Instead of waiting a secret word from the co-player, you will choose your favorite among a broad range of categories.

The game will let you know whether or not you have a wide vocabulary.

Before being hanged, you must guess the hidden word by choosing corrected letters. Choose the level of difficulty and start relishing Hangman with your kids. Help them build their vocabulary; meanwhile, put your brain on the test.

Have fun solving all puzzles of this game!

3. Word Search

Word Search

According to some experts, Word Search is a truly cross-generational game or much simply a game for family. The gameplay appeals to everybody – from grandparents to grandchildren. In other words, Word Search is the best game choices of all ages.

If you are seeking a game that helps strengthen the family bond, look no further…it’s here.

Cool math games Word Search can be played online. This addictive puzzler is fun to savor and also educational. Many teachers make use of the game as a tool to broaden the children’s vocabulary and train their observing ability as well.

Discover all the in-game themes together with your kids. There are tons of categories included in Word Search, from movies, celebrities, and music to foods & drinks, science, etc.

In each word finding puzzle, you will be given a list of words hidden in the main board. Your ultimate goal is to find all as soon as possible. If you want to challenge instantly, then access Word Search 2 and see your true ability.

4. Chess


Chess is a two-player, abstract strategy board game played on an 8×8 chessboard. Each player will take control of 16 chessmen divided into 2 sides – White and Black. Every chessman has a certain position and a unique form of movement which you must master if you want to win the opponent.

Set up a strategy that can help you end the game with a perfect checkmate.

Chess is definitely one of the most popular games good for kids. This cool math game is often played at home, in clubs, online, and even in tournaments.

If you want to strengthen your brain muscles and help your children think more strategically, cool math games Chess is a high recommendation.

Visit CoolmathKidGames game site and discover all games in our collection.

In case you don’t want to play in the web browser, then all of these cool math games unblocked are now available for the mobile device as well as tablet. You can download them as apps to have fun with your kids anytime and anywhere.

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